“We started partnering with ErgoMed back in 2012. It was important to us to find a provider that would complete a thorough physical examination and do a comprehensive review of medical history to ensure that we are selecting candidates that can safely perform their jobs. They stay in excellent communication and provide us with immediate results, and most importantly, ErgoMed understands and supports our organization’s commitment to safety and the health and well-being of our employees. I highly recommend their services.”

-HR Director, Construction Industry


“ErgoMed’s post offer screen gives us the peace of mind what we are hiring an employee who is physically capable of doing his/her job. Since starting with ErgoMed, we have avoided putting several potential employees into positions with physical tasks they were not capable of performing, or putting someone in a position that could have been harmful due to a pre-existing medical condition. We feel that ErgoMed has helped us get the right employee in the right position, while helping us lower worker’s comp injuries and fraudulent claims and most importantly, helping us maintain a healthy and safe work environment for our employees.”

-Safety & Health Director, Trucking and Construction Industry


“ErgoMed provides outstanding service and dedication to their clients. The staff is professional, courteous and responsive. The relationship that has been cultivated is a true partnership and I would recommend their variety of valuable programs to any business.”

-HR Director, Trucking Industry