About ErgoMed

ErgoMed Work Systems has been providing innovative and cost-effective loss control programs since 1992.

ErgoMed became the solution for protecting corporate assets by addressing all aspects of employee health and wellness. Today there are ErgoMed Work Systems throughout the United States.

ErgoMed programs are designed to benefit both employers and employees. This is accomplished by ensuring the health and wellness of employees , resulting in cost savings for employers. Program benefits begin by starting your company’s loss prevention program at the point of hire. Program benefits:

  • Hire employees capable of safely completing essential job functions
  • Screen new hires for an appropriate job match
  • Lower injury exposure
  • Decrease workers’ compensation premiums
  • Decrease unnecessary training costs
  • Encourage employees to be healthy and fit
  • Keep existing employees health, safe and productive
  • Conduct pre-employment and random drug screens